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Electrical Installations for Fit-Ups & New Builds

If you own commercial property, you want to ensure your offices or facilities are attractive to potential tenants, clients, and employees. You want to provide them with all the modern conveniences in design, lighting, arrangement, and customization. With so much competition in the world of commercial real estate, it’s up to you to do what counts to get them to sign on the dotted line. Lit Electric has the expertise and modern electrical solutions to help you come out on top. From custom power and control wiring for manufacturing and commercial equipment to electrical work for today’s most sophisticated modular workstations, we are Ottawa’s choice for personalized electrical fit-ups and services for new builds. Our company has the knowledge, experience, and latest technology to do more for your commercial property. As always, we will always work with you and your clients to finish quickly and efficiently for minimal interruptions. Contact us today for your personalized estimate and get expert commercial electrical that does more.

electrician hanging lights

What Is a Fit-Up?

To understand precisely how Lit Electric can help you, it is important to understand our work. When we complete custom electrical work for a commercial fit-up or new build, we transform the capabilities of any space to accommodate the specific needs of a tenant. This can include any type of electrical installation, repair, or service, including lighting, outlets, phone and data, wiring, and more. This process helps to customize a commercial space for the highest levels of efficiency and function and make the tenant as pleased as possible with the new investment.

The Advantages of Custom Electrical Work for Your Fit-Up or New Build

Why customize the electrical work for your tenants? Just owning modern commercial space should be attractive enough to companies looking to operate? Today’s tenants are different. They want variety in their workspaces to use as major highlights and recruiting tools. If you can customize your tenant’s individual spaces with the electrical features and elements they want, you put your commercial property way ahead of the competition. But versatility is just one of the benefits of professional electrical work for fit-ups and new builds. Working with Lit Electric, you’ll have access to other advantages, such as:

Stunning Modern Commercial Space

Culture is more important than ever to modern business owners – especially start-ups. Having the ability to augment that culture with customized lighting, appliances, workstations, and more makes your property a sought-after space. Tenants see the cubicles and breakrooms in which their parents and grandparents worked as outdated. Upgrading their offices or facilities with avant-garde wiring and electrical puts you on the map.

Financial Selling Points

Hiring trained electrical professionals to custom install or service the systems for each of your clients can give you the selling points you need to appeal to serious, wealthy tenants and adjust your rents accordingly. The more you offer in today’s real estate world, the more tenants are willing to pay. Lighting and electrical setups play a large part in that pricing structure and can be used as a selling point during conversations.

Trust Our Fit-Up & New Build Electrical Work

Our dedication to our commercial customers and their tenants’ electrical needs has built our sterling reputation for service. Today, we are known for our ability to handle any type of new build or fit-up and can deliver the kind of professional electrical assistance that appeals to all. When you need custom work for receptacle outlets, structured cabling, lighting, or CCTV, our team of licensed electrical experts can be there to deliver top-quality work that integrates with everything from architecture to interior design.

Contact Us for Expert Fit-Up and New Build Services

With the ability to custom install the lighting and electrical your tenants want, you will stand out amongst property owners. Lit Electric can help you do that with the expert abilities, materials, installations, and setups that only come from years of hands-on industry experience with fit-ups and new builds of every kind. Contact us for your personalized estimate, and together we’ll take your commercial success to new heights.

Professional Electrical Work That Makes All the Difference