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Professional Power Distribution Services for Your Commercial Facilities

Correct power distribution gives you the power to run all of your machinery and appliances day after day without interruption. When that power is unbalanced or weaker than it should be, you need the help of trustworthy professional electricians to make it right. AtLit Electric, our talented technicians have the expertise and professional experience to provide the complete power distribution assistance your company deserves. We design, install, and maintain power distribution systems of all phases for commercial clients of all kinds. Our local company has worked with central power hubs since the beginning and can customize our work to fit your unique commercial needs. From switchgear and transformer work to panel, feeder, and motor control installations and repairs, Lit Electric is the one name you can call for optimal performance and superior improvements to your day-to-day operations.

What Is Commercial Power Distribution?

Power distribution systems route electricity from the hydro utility and distribute it safely to all machinery or where it is needed most. Power from the hydro utility is transmitted best in higher voltages on the grid and is often stepped down for use by the customer. Customers may require further transformers and panels to adapt the voltage, current, and frequency for specific applications.

Why Is Optimal Power Distribution Important?

The design, installation, maintenance, and servicing of power distribution systems affect every electrical system in your facilities, include computers, data centers, production lines, generators, and more, and ultimately, your daily operations. Because of the complex design and implementation of power distribution systems, you must have electrical contractors working for you with a thorough understanding of how these systems operate and how to properly troubleshoot them when the flow is off.


Is Your Commercial Power Distribution Partner

Electricians from Lit Electric can design, install, and service many types of power distribution systems and allow for scalability, optimal performance, and future facility changes in mind. We have critical knowledge of and insights into the best industry practices concerning these systems and will always work with you to install power distribution setups tailored to your needs. We adhere to the strictest quality and safety standards when conducting these installations or repairs and follow all guidelines from governing utility entities for Ottawa to give you the optimized power distribution system your business needs.

Contact Lit Electric to Get Optimal Power Distribution for Your Facilities

As a business owner, you can’t leave your power source in doubt. Less power can mean lower profits, and no business can operate like that for long. Talk to our power distribution experts here at Lit Electric and let us design, install, or repair your system for the reliable, even flow you need for greater success. Contact us today to schedule your personalized estimate.

Professional Electrical Work That Makes All the Difference