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Get the Most From Your Facilities With Modern Commercial Lighting Upgrades

 Proper lighting can make all the difference for your commercial space and facilities. With the right lighting, you can optimize safety, security, curb appeal, and energy efficiency to save you more. However, you have to hire the right lighting contractors who know how to work with your unique commercial space and give you the advantages you want. In the Ottawa, CA, area, there is only one name businesses trust the most: Lit Electric. Our licensed, experienced technicians will assess all your systems, give you guidance on the top upgrade options in the industry, and deliver results to get things done. By upgrading your current fluorescent or HID lighting to LED, you get the reliability and performance you expect from modern lighting, and you’ll be helping to increase the comfort of your working environment so your employees can be more productive. Contact us for your personalized estimate and discover all the benefits our commercial upgrades can offer you.

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The Benefits of Commercial Lighting Upgrades

The benefits of upgrading your commercial lighting don’t stop at environment and productivity. Improving the lighting systems and fixtures at your business can improve almost every area of your business, from your overall impact on the environment to your bottom line. Lit Electric helps you make that happen with our full range of professional lighting upgrade services. Working with us, your business will enjoy distinct advantages such as:

Lower Environmental Impact

LED lighting retrofits mean you create less. Less need for energy consumption, less maintenance for your lighting systems, less waste going into landfills and rivers – less is always better. Lit Electric can install energy-efficient lighting for you that lasts up to 25x longer than traditional lighting products and uses up to 80% less energy. This dramatically decreases your footprint on the environment.

Increased Savings

With a modern upgrade to your commercial lighting and more energy savings, you get a better perpetual return on investment (ROI). According to current industry data, you can recoup the costs of your upgrade investment within two years and continue to save more on utility bills, year after year, over the life of your system.

Economic Benefits

Businesses that choose to upgrade their utilities and invest in the planet’s future are rewarded with tax incentives, utility rebates, and so much more. The Canadian Government is always looking for energy-efficient turnkey solutions to save more on power output and always looking for businesses to help in the effort. Through programs like the Small Business Lighting Program and others, they offer monetary incentives for system depreciation, overall power savings, and sustainable lighting.

Improved Safety

High-quality LED lighting helps better illuminate all your working facilities and decreases the number of accidents per year. Employees no longer have to put themselves in danger changing lightbulbs and can feel more at ease while working. Entering and leaving the building becomes safer as well with better-lit areas, and productivity is proven to rise 5% higher because of enhanced lighting.

Increased Asset Value

Through energy industry analysis, experts have shown that for every dollar they invest in upgrading their utilities, the potential value of their facilities goes up by three. There is a tremendous amount of savings to be earned when retrofitting all your commercial lighting, as well as savings on energy efficiency and hard-earned profits. These modern, eco-friendly business facilities are some of the most sought-after properties in commercial real estate.

Contact Lit Electric for Your Commercial Upgrade Needs

Upgrading your commercial lighting to modern LED offers you myriad benefits and savings. Upgrades make your commercial property more attractive and efficient and help your employees stay safer and be more productive. Contact Lit Electric today for your personalized estimate, and we’ll help you achieve more with advanced lighting you can use for life.

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