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Helping Your Business Save More With Expert Electrical Work

Running a business is all about savings and efficiency. Nowhere is that more important than your electrical systems. If you have an outdated or malfunctioning electrical system, your business could see a loss of productivity and suffer. Stop worrying about your electrical connections with comprehensive commercial services from Lit Electric. Our local company offers a full array of skilled electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance for business owners across Ottawa, CA. Whether you need assistance with lighting, circuitry, generators, or signage, our skilled technicians can be there for you, day or night, with regularly scheduled or emergency services to keep your operations moving. Moreover, we do diagnostic testing for all of your electrical equipment to ensure it is safe, efficient, and giving you the optimal performance you need.

Our Full Array of Commercial Electrical Services

 When it comes to professional electrical assistance, no business commercial need is too much for us to handle. We’re a local business serving local customers, but we have the skill, expertise, and experience to work with the most complex systems. Regardless if you have a retail store, restaurant, warehouse, or office building, Lit Electric has the solutions. Our technicians regularly work with building managers and property owners as well, providing a wide range of commercial electrical services focused solely on the unique electrical needs of their business:

Additional Commercial Electrical Services

 In addition to our new electrical installations, professional repairs, regular maintenance, Lit Electric offers additional commercial services to help our business customers function, thrive, and stay safe. Our supplemental assistance offers include:

  • Electrical Design
  • Specialty Lighting
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Ballast Replacements
  • Commercial Panel Installation
  • EV Charger Work
  • And more

Contact Lit Electric for Complete Commercial Electrical Work

Your commercial success depends on the steady flow of electricity into your facilities. With superior commercial work from Lit Electric, you know you are getting the equipment, system installation, and support you need for maximum efficiency, energy savings, and productivity. Contact us today for your personalized estimate and get the best electrical service in the industry for your business.

Professional Electrical Work That Makes All the Difference