As your business grows, so do the demands of the power-hungry machines that drive it. From computer floors, to building automation systems, to the motors on the production floor, we at Lit Electric Inc. can help get your business there.

The installation of conduit and branch circuitry is an art that is often overlooked by many and as more commercial spaces opt for an “open concept design,” you want your customers focused on the proposals on the desk in front of them and not what looks to be a recreation of the “Microsoft Pipes” screensaver in your ceiling space.

Our years of experience working with conduit and cable, will work to your benefit with clean electrical installations of conduits and raceways that will almost vanish entirely into the ceiling space above.

Whether it is overall increased energy-efficiency and management that you seek in today's world of soaring energy costs, a tenant fit-up or that unavoidable phone call to restore electrical services that is costing you in downtime; we've got a solution tailored to your needs, ready to be sent down the pipe.

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Years of experience working in the Ottawa industry. From small home electrical repairs to large commercial electrical projects, we have done it all. Don't hestitate to call us.

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We are extremely professional, we carry liability insurance and we are fully licensed.

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